7 Ways You’re Turning Your Woman Off In Bed


Gentlemen! I know you’re probably thinking you don’t do these things I’m about to list out but before you say that with confidence go through them and be sure. Sometimes you men are so used to Read more of this post


5 Powerful Statements That Will Enhance Your Relationship

enhancing relationships

Words are powerful. We all know that. All of us remember things people said to us that made us feel horrible or made us feel like a hero, or special in some way. We’ve all heard people say: “I remember something my dad told me when I was a child” or “I remember a friend once told me…” or “I’ll never forget when a teacher of mine told me I couldn’t sing”. We often don’t realize how much of an impact our words can have on another person. For that reason, it’s a good idea to use them wisely and above all, think before we speak. The right words with the right tone can Read more of this post