Simple Ways to Make Her Get Your Attention


Before you can go out on a date, establish a relationship, or do just about anything with a woman, you’ll first need to figure out how to make her get your attention. This might Read more of this post


What Makes A Man Attractive To A Woman?


While every woman is unique, they have more common similarities than most people know of. There is almost a near universal unanimity among women in their desire for confident men.

Confidence is a highly misunderstood topic among men. Most have a Read more of this post

Top 5 Tips to Attract Women

attract a woman

When it comes to playing the dating scene, many men are a little clueless on what it takes and would like some tips how to attract women; even the pros could use some advice from time to time. Some of them may seem like things you already knew, but if you aren’t doing them to Read more of this post