What Makes A Man Attractive To A Woman?


While every woman is unique, they have more common similarities than most people know of. There is almost a near universal unanimity among women in their desire for confident men.

Confidence is a highly misunderstood topic among men. Most have a Read more of this post


Time Is More Valuable Than Money


“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

It is understood that we need money to survive. In a world where nothing is Read more of this post

Getting the Respect You Deserve


Respect, ¬†Aretha Franklin sung about it and the word makes the world turn round. It’s there when a customer shows politeness in a shop and when a politician grants equal rights. From the boyfriend who turns up on time, to the boss who doesn’t trash you in front Read more of this post

How To Stay Romantic When You Are Living Together

living romantic

During the challenges everyone is facing through these hard financial times it can be very easy for couples to let the health of their relationships diminish without realizing it. The stress of making ends meet, unemployment and everyday life can quash a romantic atmosphere. We sometimes forget to Read more of this post

Best 4 Techniques To Consistently Surpass Your Customers’ Expectations


When a customer patronizes your business, it is because she wants to solve her problems not because she is in love with your business. Your ability to continually help her to solve her problems is what guarantees her continued patronage. In customer relationship, I will keep emphasizing it that it is Read more of this post