Time Is More Valuable Than Money


“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

It is understood that we need money to survive. In a world where nothing is Read more of this post


Getting the Respect You Deserve


Respect, ¬†Aretha Franklin sung about it and the word makes the world turn round. It’s there when a customer shows politeness in a shop and when a politician grants equal rights. From the boyfriend who turns up on time, to the boss who doesn’t trash you in front Read more of this post

If He Exhibits These Signs In Bed, Then He Is A Keeper

bed signs

Lets help you identify that one you should keep. Oh yes we are all so kind. You met him, he’s a great listener, keeps good conversation, laughs at the right jokes, is a real gentleman Read more of this post

Fashion Can Change Your Appearance

Most of us would like to change one thing about our body; in fact some of us would like to change more than one thing.

One of the most desired changes includes changing the size of the butt; many women also desire to have more or less cleavage, or feel they are too skinny or too fat. Not all of us have Read more of this post