Best 4 Techniques To Consistently Surpass Your Customers’ Expectations


When a customer patronizes your business, it is because she wants to solve her problems not because she is in love with your business. Your ability to continually help her to solve her problems is what guarantees her continued patronage. In customer relationship, I will keep emphasizing it that it is Read more of this post


Everything In Your Business Is Marketing

Marketing is one of the most powerful tools you have in your business. Once you can begin to think of every aspect of your business as a form of marketing you begin to think like a marketer instead of just a business owner.

Your brand, your logo, your colors, your personal style; the way you Read more of this post

Picking Banks for Customer Service


There are many reasons and ways to pick banks. Though you may be going to the same financial institution your family has used for years or the one that sent you an offer in the mail, one thing is for certain. Most people consider switching when they can no longer stand the customer service, or the lack of it, at their current establishment. Though most organizations follow very specific rules about managing money and reporting details, there are some Read more of this post