The Ways In Which Hospitals Differ From Clinics


Many people prefer hospitals to clinic and the other way around. There are various reasons for their preferences and these are actually well founded and understandable. Medical staff and the administration cannot force the patient to go to the proper place for treatment, especially when they are on a tight budget or may have issues with immigration. Between the two facilities, the clinic may be privately owned by a practicing or senior doctor, while the other may be owned by the government or a private corporation.

Hospitals are basically more fully equipped than clinics and other medical facilities that cater to walk-in patients. This is completely true in terms equipment to treat and operate on patients. The bigger ones have different and upgraded equipment and machinery that can be used to diagnose and treat the various diseases or conditions that usually plague a person. The doctors who work in these places may be interns who are trying to get their specializations in place as well as established medical professionals who are followed by the interns to be their mentors. In clinics, doctors can have interns but this is not a common occurrence. This is mainly because many interns prefer to work with established doctors who are well known in their field and in facilities that carry a complete or almost complete roster of equipment that can be used to help the patients. Many clinics cannot afford to purchase expensive equipment and machines because there might only be one practicing doctor here.

The times of operation of both facilities may also differ from each other immensely. Hospitals can accept and cater to patients and emergency situations 24 hours a day while some clinics only operate for several hours a day. The times of operation of many clinics are dependent on the times when the physician may be present. For the most part, many of the doctors with private practiced post their timed and stick to it for the convenience of their patients. Some have a consortium with other privately practicing doctors to alternate their schedules so that the clinic may be operated for more than just a few hours. A doctor might get the morning shift while another will get the one for the afternoon.

Another difference between both medical facilities is the number of rooms that they have to accommodate patients. For hospitals, they have a capacity of several dozen up to several hundred patients at any one time. It all depends on how many rooms there are as well as the number of beds there are in a room or a ward. Clinics, on the other hand, may not even be able to accommodate even one patient overnight because of the lack of equipment and machines to monitor the patient.

Clinics usually recommend more severe cases to hospitals because they know that they do not have the capacity to treat the patient and his or her wounds. They also cannot accommodate patient overnight especially those with heavy trauma.


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