Simple Ways to Make Her Get Your Attention


Before you can go out on a date, establish a relationship, or do just about anything with a woman, you’ll first need to figure out how to make her get your attention. This might not be a simple task on paper, but if you move forward with a bit of confidence you will definitely see amazing results. It’s interesting how much confidence plays a role in regards to getting attention from the opposite sex. If you want to figure out a path that will help you overall, then you’ll want to look at the following simple things to get you moving forward.

First and foremost you need to make sure that your posture is good, standing up straight is a good start. You also need to make sure that you optimistic, smiling, and keep eye contact with her. When both of you lock eye contact, you will either gain an opportunity to further communication, or it will fall short. There are times that even the most handsome and brave men do not get the attention of a woman, so do not fret if your initial approach does not work. Make sure that you are standing tall, and ready to talk to her.

If you’re going to make the first move and talk to her, make sure that you have a long line of cheesy lines to open with. These will get them smiling right away, and you can use the reaction to figure out which way to go next. You’ll want to pay close attention to how you do this because it can easily backfire. Look into a variety of different pick up lines that you can test out in front of a mirror. You’ll need to be absolutely smooth with the delivery because if you don’t seem genuine or natural, she will not focus on you and will just keep going about her business.

The biggest tip that you can get in regards to forcing her hand is to make sure that you are a bit hard to get. This is a nuance that is only reserved for expert daters, but if you can manage to figure out the subtle elements that you will need to make it a little hard for her to get, you will have her chasing you. Engaging the chase from the opposite perspective is not always a simple as turning the tables, so make sure that you are careful with what you’re doing. Don’t ignore her, but don’t be so quick to tell her you love her, let it play out and do not grow at all anxious, desperate or rush through anything.

The tips that are mentioned in the preceding are just some simple ideas that will help you get the mindset of a winner. The tips, if followed and attempted will guarantee that the woman of your dreams doesn’t end up with someone else. Getting her to reciprocate the feelings that you have can be rough, but if you stay calm, and move forward with the aforementioned ideas you will find yourself learning a lot in regards to getting her to chase.


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