How To Understand A Woman’s Body Language

body language

If you’re trying to catch a woman’s attention, or even having a conversation with a woman you’ve just met or don’t know well, reading body language is vital to making sure that you don’t let the conversation take a turn for the worst, and vital to knowing whether or not she is interested in you. For example, as a rule of thumb, someone who is making steady eye contact with you is listening to what you are saying. If that person is smiling, making affirmative sounds like “uh huh”, nodding along with the points you are making, she is in agreement with you, a good sign. Someone who is looking around, either with their eyes or their whole head, who is looking at their watch, or are fumbling with their purse is not listening to you, and may not be interested.

When you’re having one of your first conversations with a woman, be sure not to intrude on her personal space. You don’t want to lean in too far, as this will make her feel like you’re too close to her in a physical sense. Don’t place your hands on her, even her arm, until she has made the first move. If she doesn’t lean into your space, doesn’t give you any indication that she wants you close to her, and hasn’t first placed her hand on your shoulder, arm, back, etc., you shouldn’t take liberties and do so. Let her tell you when she’s ready for this, either with her words or with her actions.

Lastly, the more she smiles at you, the more into you she is. Giving her a chance to laugh, to enjoy herself, is important to forming a relationship. Don’t let her feel stress or pressure when being with you. She does not want to stay around with a guy who will make her feel pressure. Feel free to be fun, to give her opportunities to laugh, and to relax. If she can relax with you, you will quickly get to a place where she feels comfortable with you.

If you’re in doubt about how she is feeling and can’t figure it out from her body language, don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask. It’s much better to clarify and be sure than to guess and be wrong. You don’t want to make a mistake early on and ruin what could be a beautiful relationship.


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