7 Ways You’re Turning Your Woman Off In Bed


Gentlemen! I know you’re probably thinking you don’t do these things I’m about to list out but before you say that with confidence go through them and be sure. Sometimes you men are so used to doing these things and getting away with it that you barely know that it’s a huge turn off, and depending on who you’re doing the do with, might deplete the experience for both of you.

Here are the biggest ways you could be turning a woman off in bed without even knowing it.

Bad Grooming

Just like you like it shaven or at least well kept down there, so do we women. No one wants a jungle stick scratching and pounding our juice box. Aside from it being unattractive, it actually makes things kinda uncomfortable and itchy. Do us a favor will you? Trim it down a bit or better yet, clean shave it.

Acting out like those Movies

Yea we get it! Most men got a lot of their skills from blue films, but that doesn’t mean you’ve turned into Mr Marcus & the woman you’re sleeping with probably isn’t Jada Fire either, so tone down all those extra actor moves and find out what exactly your partner likes. Not every woman wants to be hanging upside, sucking your thing, or having your juices sprayed in their face. That’s a no no.

Talking too much

Who’s your daddy? Whose ish is this? Tell me you like it?  Yea Yea Yea, please just shut up. A few words here and there is good, but constantly talking while doing it can be a huge turn off for women. I mean, are we having a conversation or what? If that’s the case we might as well stop and talk. Please men, tone down the talking.

Pushing Her Head Down To …

This is probably the biggest turn off for me personally and I find that a lot of men still do this annoying act. Don’t press her head down as an indication that you want some dome. If she’s up for it then she’ll do it without you having to ask, and if you do ask, ask nicely. No one wants to feel like they are an ashawo or something that you just press their head down anyhow. STOP IT!

Being Selfish

This is related to the point below. Now say you’ve asked your girl to go down low, and she obliged, can you return the favor? Women don’t like selfish lovers. It doesn’t have to be about just going down, but doing what she wants. It cant just be about you you you and pounding pounding pounding. Take the time out to find out what she wants and do it. If you do so believe me she’ll repay you 5 times more.

Too Aggressive

I admit some women like it rough, but in reality that is a pretty low number. Most women prefer the gentler approach of love making. No woman wants to be treated like they’re being abused or something. She’s a woman not a random toy so treat with care. Don’t go about pushing and grabbing and shoving. Be gentle, but firm. It’s not just about you and getting yours. If she does like it rough, then be sure you’re both on the same page.

Too Timid

Women don’t want an aggressive guy but they don’t want Mr. Too Shy To Touch. Being too timid is just not good at all. It can actually lead to an early time out (if it’s me). Don’t be afraid to be explore, and be adventurous. Try new things and don’t be shy about doing something freaky every so often, and don’t just stick with just one position. *sigh*… Big Turn Off!


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