Time Is More Valuable Than Money


“Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

It is understood that we need money to survive. In a world where nothing is free for the taking, everyone needs to make money in order to live. As such, I’ve seen people stress over money – I’ve seen them worry about things that would help them make more money. However, we forget that there is something far more important than cold-hard cash, and that’s the time we have to live.

Now I can understand why many people want to make and have more money. We cannot obtain the finer things in life if we do not have the capacity to obtain them, usually with money. As such, people are willing to go to extraordinary lengths just to make even just a few extra bucks. However, is it really worth spending time to always be on the lookout for a way to score more money for spending?

Instead of thinking about money, you should think about time. Every second of every hour of everyday is time that you can no longer get back no matter how hard you try. The more time you spend trying to make money that you may not even need, the less time you have to do the things that really matter in life. For instance, is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Do you have dreams you want fulfilled?

Most people dream of being able to live an easy life. Most people dream of traveling the world and seeing amazing sights. Sadly though, most of these things can only be achieved through the power of money. You can’t live an easy life if you spend every waking moment having to think of the bills you have to pay, and you certainly can’t get anywhere without having the money to get around. Funny, isn’t it?

Still, you shouldn’t spend too much time trying to make money. Why? That’s because they print more everyday and it will always be in supply. No matter what you do, money will be everywhere and there will be plenty of chances for you to get some. However, as for time, you only have now. You cannot gain back time that you have lost, so now is the time for you to take your chances!

I encourage you to spend each and every day with a smile on your face. Make memories with those close to you and just enjoy what life has to offer. When you’re happy and know that you’ve made good use of the time you have, you won’t even worry about having more money.

Time is important to every human being. It’s the one resource we can never get back, even with money. Use your time wisely and spend your life to the fullest.


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