Best 4 Techniques To Consistently Surpass Your Customers’ Expectations


When a customer patronizes your business, it is because she wants to solve her problems not because she is in love with your business. Your ability to continually help her to solve her problems is what guarantees her continued patronage. In customer relationship, I will keep emphasizing it that it is always better to under-promise and over-deliver. That is usually the best way to impress your customers. When many of them expect that you will not be able to meet their demands, they are usually pleasantly surprised and impressed if and when you are able to surpass their expectations. They thereafter take you and your business more seriously and before you know it, the word gets around pretty fast. These 4 techniques are readily the best techniques you can use to consistently surpass your customers’ expectations.

01. Do not set your standards too low. Out there in the business world, competition is always very stiff. Human capacity is limitless. Even if you do not have the capacity right-away to get something done, a little additional effort on your part could actually get the thing accomplished. That is why you should never set your standards too low. Many customers usually underrate businesses whose standards are too low. Even if such customers earlier underrated you, if you are able to surpass their expectations with extra efforts, you are bound to impress them.

02. Do not set your standards too high. If you do not have the capacity to do certain things, it is best to let your customers know in advance. If however you are able to deliver a little above what they expected from you, you will earn their respect and appreciation. Over-promising and under-delivering can make you to lose credibility with its attendant loss of business. If however you under-promised and you were able to over-deliver, you earn the respect of your customers. That guarantees increased patronage and consequently more business.

03. Recognize your limitations. It is only an insincere person who has no idea about his or her limitations. If you know your limitations particularly in terms of the human and business capacity at your disposal, you will know exactly what to promise customers so as not to disappoint. If despite your limitations, you are able through extra efforts to deliver a little bit more, you will impress your customers.

04. Strive to improve your standards. Since competition is always very stiff, businesses which manage to continually improve on their standards stand the best chance of surviving in the market place in this age and time. As a business owner therefore, you must strive always to do things which are capable of helping you to continually improve on your standards. If you can, it is one other sure way to impress your customers by surpassing their expectations.

Customer loyalty is what every smart business owner strives to build most of the time. The only customers whose patronage can be guaranteed are usually those who are satisfied. You must remember that customers always have a choice, in fact plenty of choices. It is therefore a very smart business move to strive to meet customers’ expectations and even to surpass them. That is the surest way to guarantee their continued patronage. These 4 techniques come in very handy in that quest.


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