The Concept of Real Friendship


Nothing lasts forever and we all know hearts can change, not only in men/women relationships but mainly between friends. Nothing is guaranteed, friends could never promise forever attachment and being there by each other’s side specially nowadays. The concept of friendship itself varies from a person to another, some consider it the most valuable thing in life and others just make friends for benefits. I believe that friends are the best thing a person could ever have, friends at many times and cases could be closer than your family, more helpful than a relative. Friends are god’s gift to everyone who really appreciates a friend and knows the real meaning of this word.

The actual meaning behind the real concept of friendship could be summarized in a few sentences; A real friend never sees you perfect all the time, he knows all your defects and yet tend to be there for you, support you all the way and loves you the way you are.

A real friend is the one who you can trust more than yourself, knowing that no matter what happens he will always be your safest place on earth.

A real friend is that very special person you tell all your secrets as if you are talking to yourself. These deep touching qualities are the ones we always aim to have in a friend, but the question now Does real friendship with all the above meanings exist in our world? From my very personal experience I can say YES and NO!!!

It is very disappointing when you spend all your life with someone and after years of deep friendship you discover the ugly truth… This was all a lie, your friendship and devotion meant nothing to him/her because for all this time he/she cared about no one, but himself.

It is also frustrating when you find out that you never knew what’s inside this person!!! Is he/she good as they always seemed to be? Or are you that very fool person who thought they were the best you’ve ever met…

When you find that hurtful answer inside you, you feel that your time was wasted on someone never deserved.

On the other hand when you look around you, you find those very true friends who have been always there for you, giving you all the energy you need in life without waiting for anything, you find them through your pain of losing that very special friend standing next to you, supporting you, telling you that it’s not your fault, you just miss picked the wrong person.

After defining that very hard and deep meaning of friendship, I am proud to say that I have met both kinds. Real friends that give pure heart to heart friendship are the ones who made me overcome everything hard in life. I would like to thank them all as I know they know themselves very well.

And last but not least, it’s not your fault when you are loyal and faithful to your best friend and he turns his back on you, he is the one to lose, because sooner or later you will meet people who will appreciate your kind heart and will put you before anything.

When life closes a door, it opens up millions more. I believe that we can still meet good friends in this world and they could turn the truest at the moments we truly need them.


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