5 Powerful Statements That Will Enhance Your Relationship

enhancing relationships

Words are powerful. We all know that. All of us remember things people said to us that made us feel horrible or made us feel like a hero, or special in some way. We’ve all heard people say: “I remember something my dad told me when I was a child” or “I remember a friend once told me…” or “I’ll never forget when a teacher of mine told me I couldn’t sing”. We often don’t realize how much of an impact our words can have on another person. For that reason, it’s a good idea to use them wisely and above all, think before we speak. The right words with the right tone can enhance our relationships more than we might appreciate.

I remember a friend of mine telling me that the best part of her Christmas was when her husband told me how much he appreciated all the effort she put into making Christmas so special for their family. Just the other day, I was speaking with a friend who said that whenever he told his dad that he loved him, his dad’s response was “I know that”. Forty years later, the words still hurt.

Here are five powerful statements that will make the person you’re with feel special and appreciated. Even if you’ve never used these words before, try saying them and see what happens.

1. Thank you. This may seem way too obvious to you but we regularly forget to say “thank-you” for things like, taking out the garbage, driving the kids places, making a nice meal, or simply showing support.

2. I admire the way you (fill in the blank). To be told we’re admired for something can make our heart melt. Most of us carry around some insecurity and often feel inadequate around lots of the things we attempt to do. You can say: “I admire the way you always keep your cool in busy traffic” or “I admire the way you play with the kids” or “I admire how you make that look so easy.”

3. I’m sorry. One of the most endearing qualities we can have is the ability to know when we’ve made a mistake and have the courage to admit it. Who doesn’t say or do things they later regret? We’re all human. A simple “I’m sorry”, said with sincerity can soften the harshest words or actions. The key though is not to say “I’m sorry” and then continue making the same mistake.

4. How can I best support you? In every relationship we watch our partners struggle with things like work stress, relationships with extended family, health, unemployment and any number of things. We listen and sometimes offer advice but it’s not always what the person needs. We have to ask what they need. When you ask: “How can I best support you?” your partner might simply say: “I just need you to listen” or they might say: “I’m not sure”. But just asking that simple question can make the other person feel loved and valued.

5. I love you. Words without actions are meaningless so we have to be careful we’re not frequently saying the words “I love you” but allowing our actions to suggest otherwise. Some people never hear those words. Make sure your tone matches the words and if possible make eye contact with your partner when you’re saying it. Although not as powerful, a simple text or email with the words “I love you” can enhance someone’s day hugely.


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