The Power of Concentration


Through the power of concentration you can get anything that you want. Every wish and every desire can be fulfilled. Whether you will get it or not will depend on your ability to fully concentrate on it. Just wishing for what you desire will not bring you any success. In fact, just by wishing for something shows weakness, it shows that you do not have full faith in getting what you truly desire. Since we are not living in the ages of fairies and wizards, do not ever wish for something anymore.

Should you want something you desire badly, the first and most important step is to have a mental picture of it. Concentrate and focus on that mental picture daily until what you want materializes. Strive with all of your strength to make this happen and you will eventually get what you want.

When you concentrate on something, you can accomplish anything that your mind undertakes. Anything at all. Before undertaking a project, if you do not have the right frame of mind, then you will fail. Some of the most successful people have outstanding level of concentration. These individuals concentrate only on the positive and wholeheartedly believe that they can and will succeed.

A man that concentrates and sticks to his desires does not fail. “Power to him who power exerts.” – Emerson.

In order to have clear thoughts, one must have the ability to concentrate. Thoughts are very powerful things. Thoughts of fear can turn a person’s hair gray overnight. An example of how powerful thoughts can be is illustrated in the short story below.

A prisoner condemned to die was told that if he would consent to an experiment and lived through it, he would be freed. He eventually consented. The researches wanted to see how much blood a person could lose and still live. They told him that they were going to make a cut on his upper thigh and blood will drip out from that wound. However, the cut they made was very small, from which practically no blood escaped. The room was darkened, and the prisoner thought that the dripping he heard was really coming from his leg. The next morning he was dead due to mental fear.

The understanding of the power of concentrated thoughts will awaken possibilities within you that you never dreamed of. Whether positive of negative thoughts; it really depends on you.


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