Top 10 Compliments That Make Him Feel Special

“A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil.”

– Victor HugoI completely agree with this.

Because, according to researchers, “Compliments raise the interest level.” They cost nothing, yet they have the power to develop an emotional and indelible impact. Especially in the relationships, compliments are the best ways by which you can control the thoughts and feelings of your spouse.

So, in marital life, for staying in your man’s mind, you have to give him compliments that mean something. Giving him compliments increases rapport and his liking of you.

There are certainly many special compliments that a man can’t resist at all. However, as you likely know, most men like compliments that appeal to their self-esteem. That’s why, if you are looking for guaranteed compliments that work with every situation with every man, I have put together some precious compliments that are important to his self-esteem.

Compliment His Skills & Abilities

Men spend a lifetime obtaining different skill. They are always proud of their skills & abilities. When you compliment his skills, or abilities, you break the ice like a pro; you make him feel good about himself.

1. Ask for his help.

Men love to help. When you ask for his help, you make him feel that he is better than the rest of the guys, and you find him more trustworthy & helpful than others.

2. You are excellent at [insert action].

For example: You are excellent at driving. Or, you are excellent at photography.

3. No one makes me happy like you do.

This compliment gives him the assurance that he has a great value in the relationship.

4. Give him a ‘Masculine Nick Name”.

For example: big bad wolf, wild animal, man of mystery, or, rock solid. Masculine nick names boost his masculine ego. Consequently, he feels happy and always protects you like a man.

5. Is there anything you can’t do?

This compliment makes him swell with pride and love. You indirectly praise his abilities and give him the feelings that he’s superior to others.

Compliment His Romantic & Lovemaking Skills

Men are the champions in creating the sexual fantasy inside their head. But, when that sexual fantasy appears in the reality, they usually doubt their sexual performance. That’s why, romantic & lovemaking compliments are always very valuable for them.

However, it’s necessary to clear one thing here. Always give him simple and to the point compliments. Simple compliments easily fix inside his mind and stay memorable for him for a very long time. I’ve put together 5 best compliments of this category that always make him fall in love with you and make him feel like a masculine man.

1. My GOD! That’s HUGE!!!

2. You are a ‘Sexual God’.

3. You are the spark to my fire.

4. Kiss me.

5. I feel safe in your arms.

What a Man Secretly Loves?

Listen up ladies. Men love when you praise them through your ‘Romantic Gestures’. Your romantic gestures are more powerful than you words; they ignite the romantic and sexual feelings inside men.

The combination of your romantic gestures & your compliments is the secret emotional language of a man’s mind. It hypnotically attracts him and makes him fall in love with you again and again, and again.

1. Grab his arm softly during conversation, or while giving him a compliment.

2. Sit on his lap.

3. Always introduce him like he is the world to you.

4. Wink at Him.

5. Whispering has the seductive powers. It always turns him on emotionally & sexually.


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