Picking Banks for Customer Service


There are many reasons and ways to pick banks. Though you may be going to the same financial institution your family has used for years or the one that sent you an offer in the mail, one thing is for certain. Most people consider switching when they can no longer stand the customer service, or the lack of it, at their current establishment. Though most organizations follow very specific rules about managing money and reporting details, there are some internal rules that you may not like. In other cases, you may just not like the teller at the location you are visiting.

Choose One with Ample Services

One of the reasons to consider such a move is because you do not like the lack of services at some banks. In an effort to cut back on costs, many organizations have cut back on offering services. Some just offer more because they are technology-driven. For example, you may want one that allows you to pay bills on-line. You may expect to find one that will make transferring your money between accounts something you can do using your mobile phone. You should have options when selecting such an organization based on the services offered.

Check Out the Time line

How long does it take for money to go from your payroll company into your checking account? Does that money become instantly available to you or is there a holding period? How long do checks take to process? Knowing this information upfront can help you to feel good about using one organization or the other. The problem is that many people don’t consider factors such as these as being important enough in their search for a lender or bank. It is only after they open the account that the limitations overwhelm them.

Consider the People

All of these factors add up, but so does having good, old-fashioned customer service from the people who you will deal with whenever you need to go in. Does the organization offer a lending service for auto loans, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages? How many tellers are on hand on any given day? Does it offer drive-through lanes? When you walk into the establishment, you want to feel good about the people you are talking to. They should make you feel like an important and valuable person to them.

When it comes down to it, all banks are very different. That doesn’t mean you should choose just any single one based on features or customer service. Rather, you want to look for a financial institution that offers what you need and does it with a smile on their face no matter if you are depositing thousands of dollars or a few hundred each month.


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