How To Overcome Shyness And Become Approachable


Learning how to overcome shyness may save you from a lot of loneliness and unpleasantness. When you are shy, you become a social recluse as you feel awkward around people. Every time you have to meet people you become self-conscious seeing yourself through the eyes of those looking at you. People will interpret your shyness in a negative light and find it hard to approach you.

Below are a few tips to help you to overcome shyness:

1. Identify your shyness triggers. What is it that makes you self-conscious around certain people? Think of different situations whereby you are at your shyest point. These could be parties or work related social functions, job interviews, public speaking, meetings etc. When you are shy, you are probably worried that the people see something negative in you and the starting point is to identify this point of self-consciousness.

2. It is important that you develop self-awareness as opposed to self-consciousness. When we are self-aware, we tend to embrace every aspect of who we are, as opposed to being overly critical of our “short comings”. It is also important that you see yourself for who you are instead of looking at yourself through the eyes of other people.

3. We all have strengths and weaknesses. Find your strength and make it come out.

4. Learn to appreciate yourself and your abilities more. It is the feeling of low self-esteem that makes us shy when we around others.

5. Therefore, developing your self-esteem will do wonders to help you to overcome shyness. Practice good walking and sitting posture. This will make you feel more confident of yourself. Take care of how you dress when attending functions, once you dress for success people will think highly of you and this will make you to feel at ease.

6. Practice your social skills. Make a habit of working on those social skills that you know to need some sharpening. I like pretending that I am walking into a room full of strangers (probably in a party). As I open the door (to my bedroom), I practice a friendly face as well as maintaining eye contact. Once you make this habit, you will find out that you are no longer self-conscious when you walk into a room full of strangers.


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