Is Your Dream Girl Taken? Learn How To Get Relevant Informations From Women

Many men usually find themselves in a situation where they think they have found the woman of their dreams only to find out later that she is dating someone else. This they only find out by chance. The main reason this may happen is that the woman may assume that you are only interested in being a friend with her or you have never made her comfortable enough to talk about her love life. It is important for you to know whether a girl you are interested in is available or not as soon as you can. There are many ways of doing this. This will depend on you style.

Be Friends

When you are friends, you end up talking about your personal lives. Eventually, she may mention whether she is in a relationship or not. You can also talk about your love life. This will also make her talk about hers. Spending time with her will also help you know the people she spends most of her time with and even who calls her. It would be very easy to know whether she is dating or not because if she was, some times, especially on weekends, she may not be available. She may even make mention of her plans in advance.

Ask Her Out

Alternatively, you can ask her out for a movie or coffee especially on a Friday or Saturday. If she is dating someone else, she may be a little hesitant. If so, you can make her comfortable by telling her that it is a group outing and she can bring her boyfriend along. If she has one, she may agree to bring him along or let you know of any other plans they may have. If she is single, she will also let you know so.

Don’t Hide Your Intentions

Let her know that you are interested in her. Sometimes, men take too long to reveal their true intentions. This leaves the woman confused but because she does not want to jump into conclusions, she does not assume that you want to date her. If you take too long, she may end up going out with another person. In such a scenario, though she was single when you met, she got someone later on because you took too long to make your intentions known.

If you are the bold type, ask her straight on whether she is single or not. This may sometimes work against you therefore, timing is very important. If you meet her and the first thing you ask is whether she is dating someone, she may probably say she is. Get to spend some time with her, make her comfortable around you then ask. Your straightforwardness may even be attractive to her.

Getting the information you need early enough will also help you avoid a possible heartbreak. You don’t want to invest in a woman emotionally only to find out later that she is not available. The sooner you know the truth, the better.


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