Preventing Obesity

As we already know, prevention is always better than cure. This philosophy is also true when it comes to the issue of obesity. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide are already suffering from the consequences of obesity. Aside from affecting our overall look, obesity can also cause problems in health. Because of this, many people have already died due to cancer, heart diseases and diabetes in relation to obesity. So can we stop this awful condition? Are there any treatments for this health problem? What are the different ways to prevent obesity?

Obesity is defined as the condition wherein the body’s weight is already inappropriately higher and not proportional to height. Obesity can be classified with the use of the BMI or Body Mass Index measurement. This measurement allows us to see whether our body belongs to the underweight, normal, overweight and obese category by determining the proportionality of the weight to the height. A result that is higher than 30 is already considered obese. So how can we prevent obesity to ruin our lives? The answer to this question mainly depends on lifestyle change.

In order for us to effectively combat obesity, the first thing that we must do is to check our lifestyle. Sedentary with no exercise or any sort of activity can put us at risk for obesity. If this is the case, then being active is considered to be the number one goal in preventing obesity. Having an active lifestyle can actually avoid the fat build up in our body. Doing sports and other activities that can cause us to sweat can effectively utilize all the calories in our body thus preventing the formation of adipose tissue. Doing simple activities, like climbing the stairs instead of using the elevator and/or riding the bike instead of using our car, can be very helpful in changing our routine into an active lifestyle. We can even go to the gym in order to help keep our body figure in tip top condition.

Aside from being active, eating a healthy diet is also very vital in our goal of preventing obesity. An average person must have only 2,000 calories in a day in order to prevent becoming overweight. Once we eat junk foods, sweets and other fatty meals, our calories will also become more than what is required for us to have. This is the reason why eating full meals with a balance diet is very appropriate in order for us to avoid craving thus leading us to binge eating.  A diet balanced with fruits, vegetables, meat and bread or carbohydrates is very ideal in weight gain prevention. Increasing our water intake is also a good way in stopping obesity. Some of us would usually mistaken dehydration for starvation, which can lead us to more eating. So in order for us to prevent this, we must make sure that we don’t experience dehydration by increasing our fluid intake every day.

In addition to these ways, we must also learn how to monitor our weight by weighing ourselves at least once a week. Doing weekly weight monitoring can give us an insight as to how much weight is needed to be loss or maintained. This is why investing on a scale for home use is recommended. Aside from this, we can also try getting physical examinations at least once a year in order for the doctor to examine any health problems.  Obesity can also be caused by hormonal or metabolism problems, which is why doing annual general check-ups is also important. These are just some of the natural and affordable ways for us to prevent obesity from taking control of our lives.


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