Does He/She Love Me?

A person may love someone for a momentary crush and not have real love thus making a relationship less likely to last long; a breakup, then, comes as a big blow. Therefore, people are always keen to know if the person who they are attracted to loves them or not. This is because people in relationships, especially new ones, do not disclose their feelings openly and frankly. Both the persons in relationship are, therefore, left confused about the feelings of each other towards each other.

A person directly confronted and asked if he/she loves him/her may feel obliged to say ‘yes’ even if he/she does not really mean it; this is just not to hurt the person and to tide over the confrontation. Much goes into the study and observation of the psychology, behavior and the body language of the opposite person to find out if he/she loves him/her or not. It is important to know that one signal does not suffice to know if the opposite person loves and is interested in keeping the relationship going.

One should be aware of the fact that subconsciously, the person sends signals to the other partner of their love/dislike or hatred towards him/her. These are the real emotions one has to look out for. Some observations mentioned below if kept in the forefront of one’s mind, can help one to find out whether his/her partner loves him/her or not.

Does He or She Love You?

Initially, there is formality in the relationship when the two meet which soon turns to informality; there is praise and appreciation for one another. This is an indication that the relationship is growing and he/she loves his/her partner. They will begin to look into one another’s eyes for increasing span of time instead of looking away from the partner. The person who loves will very naturally keep his/her lover within their sight-range. Lovers do not like the one they love to be out of their sight even for a moment if that was possible.

To begin with, the two partners will find ways and means to be with each other and they make all efforts to bump into each other several times, anytime and anywhere. This may be initially concluded as coincidental but when it frequently happens it is deliberate and the love in their hearts should not be overlooked.

The physical distance between the two when they meet increasingly lessens if he/she loves the other person. Such closeness will not be found when they meet other people.

When the two stand with a crowd, the natural tendency will be for the person to go and stand with his/her lover. This will not be found if there is no love one for another. This is a part of the body language study and it is true that they will always prefer to stand face to face with each other.

Another subtle way the lover displays his/her love for the partner is with talking and showing concern about small things. They will simply call up the partner and ask if everything is alright with them or they may ask if he/she wants anything for him/her to get. As a pretext for just conversing, they like to go on and on talking even about insignificant matters. If the frequency of such calls increases it shows that he/she loves him/her.

One should watch for the sparkle in the eyes of his/her partner. If there is love, the eyes sparkle when they meet; if they do not love, there will be dullness in their eyes. They may even avoid looking at each other or even meet each other.

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